Crappy day

There seems to be something quite diabolic with bosses. A boss almost everytime feels so good to call an employee names. "You imbecile" How would the shoe fit on your feet? I wonder, does this makes you more man? does screaming makes you a… more »

Thoughts are just daytime dreams

Aren't they? I can just close your eyes and imagine. We're just not in the kind of state that allows those thoughts to be actively projected in the retina. You might think I'm just talking jibberish. But what really keeps us from dreaming in… more »

Welcome to my weBlog

Pentru inceput as vrea sa multumesc persoanelor,  care m-au incurajat si au apreciat tot ceea ce am publicat pana acum pe blogul anterior. In mod special vreau sa ii multumesc lui Stefan, fara ajutorul caruia nu m-as fi descurcat. Ajutorul lui s-a… more »