Awake or asleep?

For a few days a month, adding up to a week or so, i feel sleepy all the time, and i just come home from work and feel the need to just crash in bed. It's actually the period in which I sleep best. Feels weird though, like recharging, like a monthly… more »

Se tripleaza taxa de poluare auto!

Guvernul a decis triplarea taxei de poluare pentru masinile nou inmatriculate si care nu respecta normele euro de poluare. In acelasi timp a marit de la 3000 la 3800 taxa de casare. Se estimeaza un numar de 60 000 de masini a fi scoase din uz. Altfel… more »


Some people can't stop bitching - they are mesmorised by the feeling, bitching is like a drug to them. Some people can't help it - they were born in an environement where bitching is all people do for fun. Some people just do it for fun - whatever… more »