Imnul penibilitatii marca BCR

     Eu oameni buni ma declar complet invins de prostia infinita care exista peste tot. Eram suta la suta convins ca melodia "La gente esta muy loca" ar lua cu succes titlul de imbecilitatea muzicala a anului. Eeeee da stai ca mai suntem si noi pe aici. Premiul pentru cea mai scarboasa, insinuanta, penibila, imbecila, adulterina, subculturala si idioata campanie a anului si posibil a secolului merge catre BCR, campanie care a culminat cu cea mai PENIBILA melodie pe care am putut s-o aud de la dobitoceniile cantate lui Base si Diaconescu. Ascultati si va minunati cata curvasaraie exista pe planeta asta.


Partz, tartz si praf in ochi

     Tampit am fost sa preiau si sa comentez stirea despre Badea si Dana Grecu la stiri. Au titrat toti ca si cum ar fi ceva permanent. Insa ieri, dupa o editie cum rar ai ocazia sa vezi, tot ce-am inteles a fost "daca se va permanentiza". Adica a fost asa de show deocamdata si cu asta basta.

     Pe de alta parte eu unul ma bucur pentru ca Mirciulica fara frica sta f bine acolo unde e. Nu mi-ar fi placut sa renunte la emisiunea lui doar pentru a prezenta un jurnal de stiri. La fel si Dana Grecu. Sa stea amandoi unde au fost si pana acum iar Antena 3 sa se mai lase de goange.

Creative lost their "muchness"

     Some years ago, an awesome brand emerged with the launch of a sound card called Creative Sound Blaster Live5.1. This sound card was not expensive but it was also not a low-cost one. However, it placed the Creative Brand in the lead of mid-level customers who wanted a versatile sound card to offer them a variety of choices no other similar brand was offering.

     What stunned me was that the SB Live introduced for the firt time the EAX concept and a very powerful easy to use app-tool that could alter the various pre-setted effects available both for music and microphone playback and recording. In fewer words, you could change an echo to your liking with a minimum effort and save it on your computer. Their speakers line was also increasing in appreciation, introducing soon the THX sound and concept with powerful speakers at affordable prices. 

     New sound cards went into production and the SB Live was surpassed by the Xtreme series, although the low and medium priced items did not allow users to alter the sound effects. The only sound card that allowed it was the Xtreme Music edition which was pretty expensive. So as for price concern, the better sound quality cards were a bit out of reach. But the gap was filled by the Audigy 2 Value, a sound card that was half the price of Xtreme music.

     So basically Creative was offering a few years ago a wide and complete range of sound cards for everyone to be happy about either price or quality-wise. Since no miracle lasts for ever, strange enough, Creative decided to pull out from production and support exactly the sound cards that were valuable for a music lover. Both Audigy 2value and the Xtreme Music were thrown out, and the vista/w7 drivers do not offer full functionality for them. U can use an Audigy 2 on vista but the application that alters sound effects cannot install and an upgraded app does not exist.

     Gamers are highly priced right now as the Xtreme Gamer and X-fi Titanium and fatality cards are still going strong. Why would Creative abandon music lovers to favor gamers only since med-cost sound cards would sell much better than the others? It is a puzzle.

    EVEN MORE: Creative claims that the effects are no longer available for recording either, even if u would be using a pre-set effect. For over 90 euros you get a X-fi Titanium that doesn't offer too much from a musician point of view. I do hope Creative will soon fill the gap as users around the world would greatly appreciate to get back the removed apps and functionalities. I personally would consider spending 100 euros for a pci-express sound card that would not give me special gaming sound performance but a great musical EAX experience.