Madonna, stop bitching!

     Madonna's new album Rebel Heart shall be released by Interscope as far as I heard. MDNA was also released by Interscope. 

     In an unprecedented hazard, 13 of the album's songs leaked all over the internet. To be perfectly honest I never understood why Madonna chose to leave Warner Brothers and then Maverick records. This blunder NEVER happened while she was there. 

     Now Madonna bitches about it calling it rape and terrorism. Many fans got really mad hearing this comparison and it's really no wonder. 

     Ever since she left Maverick, Madonna's songs are frankly all over the place. I wouldn't call MDNA a solid album, it really sounds more like a pile of songs shoved together too close for comfort. It's also the first time I actually hated 4 songs on the same album. And not because the songs aren't my style, simply because they are really that bad. Turn up the radio and B-day song really made me wonder if she was making fun of us. 

     Now let's go back to the leaking and bitching. If she would ever be face to face with me I would tell her to respect her fans instead of calling them thieves and garbage. Instead of smashing an iPod and writing hashtags like fuckedupshit. 

     I would tell her to make songs and stop having a quarterlife crisis, I would tell her no leak of this magnitude would have happened if she would have continued to work with Maverick. Now fine, they leaked, get over it, no one raped you, you just work with some jerks that sold you out for big money. You can never blame your fans. "Please let me finish my work, don't listen to the leaked tracks, let me give you my very best"

     I listened to the tracks that leaked. So did other millions. And you wanna know why it's fun? Because I have listened to other demos and first issues in the past and found it really neat to hear the finished version and observe the progress. 

      I listened to 13 tracks now, and I actually started playing on my phone. It's really not about how finished or unfinished is a song, these are almost entirely weird. So instead of bitching she should actually make songs. Some of them don't even reach me anymore no matter how good the instrumentals will sound when finished. I really don't understand this woman anymore. Someone said this new one is light years ahead of MDNA. I'm sorry, frankly in my opinion it's a pile of crap. I'll prolly like about 4 or 5 of them if the producers manage to polish the sound severely. 

     Frankly if I were her I would release half an album in demo version, unfinished version or whatever you wanna call it, making sure the finished product would really be an improvement. And that way probably illegal leaks would have no purpose. 

     Finally she cracked up. She released 6 songs in final form on iTunes. Well la-dee-dah. 

Derbedeu esti dumneata, nea Ilici

     "E o provocare, pusa la cale de niste derbedei". 

     In timpul unei intalniri denumite "25 de ani de libertate", organizata de Institutul revolutiei romane, un tanar incepe sa urle la Iliescu "criminalule" "cine a tras in 22" "comunist murdar de sange" si altele. A fost scos din sala in timp ce Iliescu replica "provocare".

     Replica citata la inceput a fost data de Iliescu reporterilor la terminarea evenimentului. Cu o nesimtire si o atitudine sfidatoare pe care doar acest personaj imund o mai poate avea. 

     Nu domnule Iliescu. Nu, mosule, ca nu sunteti un domn, dumneata esti derbedeul. Dumneata esti derbedeul care-l lingea in fund pe Ceausescu si care cu o clica de vechi comunisti ati confiscat revolutia si ati preluat puterea. Dumneata esti derbedeul care repeta acelasi tip de discurs pe care il avea Ceausescu in replica la evenimentele din Timisoara, si nu in ultimul rand derbedeul care a multumit minerilor pentru interventia cea mai neagra din istoria post decembrista. 

     Sa-ti fie rusine. Du-te la pensie, stai acasa, lasa PSD-ul sa respire un aer de schimbare in loc de naftalina ceausista cu care-i imputi. Mi-ar fi jena in locul dumitale sa mai vorbesc. Pleaca din functia de presedinte onorific, lasa partidul sa se asaneze, ia-l si pe Nastase cu dumneata si numarati-va ouale la Cornu. 

     Manipulare? Derbedei? Provocare? Nu e nici o manipulare mos Ilici, poporul, tineretul nu te mai inghite si nu-ti inghite minciunile si limbajul de lemn comunist.

Ce-ti doresc eu tie...



Ce-ti doresc eu tie, dulce Romanie,

Tara mea de voturi, tara mea de chiori

Mai multe scandaluri, multa golanie,

La trecutu-ti groaznic, jalnic viitor!

Fiarba ura-n vene, spumege si netul,

Daca tineri mandri feisbucu-l slavesc

Duca-se la dracu cartea si caietul,

Dulce Romanie asta iti doresc.


Ce-ti doresc eu tie, dulce Romanie, 

Tavalita zilnic prin praf si noroi

Fii tai traiasca in democratie,

Ca o gloata bleaga, o turma de oi.

Basism in vecie, multa marlanie,

Sa aveti de-acuma sufletul nemtesc

Visuri cu Bianca, scandal si prostie,

Dulce Romanie, asta ti-o doresc .